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Quick Links

We strongly recommend that you read this introduction to FAMEbuilder first. However, here are a few links for the impatient:

Download FAMEbuilder
FAMEbuilder Getting Started Guide
FAMEbuilder Users Forum
FAMEbuilder release license


FAMEbuilder is a synthesis tool for FPGA-based architectural models. FAMEbuilder takes a simulator written in SystemC and a partitioning specification and synthesizes a hybrid FAME simulator. Such a simulator can be 5x or more times faster than the original software simulator.

Supported platforms

At present, only one hardware platform is supported: the M505 module from Pico Computing.

Getting started

To get started with FAMEbuilder, the first step is to download it and follow the steps in the Getting Started with FAMEbuilder manual. Further help can be found on the FAMEbuilder user's forum.


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