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Brigham Young University
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Getting LSE

The Liberty Simulation Environment Version 2.0 is available in bundled form. Just download the tarball below and follow the directions in the README file provided to install.

LSE_bundle-2.0.tar.gz (click for the ChangeLog)
LSE_bundle-1.0p3.tar.gz (click for the ChangeLog)
LSE_bundle-1.0p2.tar.gz (click for the ChangeLog)
LSE_bundle-1.0p1.tar.gz(Available on CD at the Micro-36 Tutorial)
This bundle contains LSE, the Core Module Library, the LSE Instruction Set Emulators, and some other necessary support packages

archlib-2.0.tar.gz (Coming Soon!)
This is the LSE Architecture Module Library

Sample Models

MICRO-36 Tutorial demo models (updated for version 2.0)

This contains a processor model for an out-of-order Tomasulo style machine running the DLX instruction set.


Documentation about LSE is availble in the above release as well as in PDF form below. Note, many of these documents are works in progress. Check back often for updates.

Getting Started with LSE
LSE Release Notes
The LSE User's Manual
The LSE Reference Manual